Real-world exposures made us thirsty for relevant solutions,
and we are happy to share the experiences that honed the hero we are today.


Apr 2021 iVolunteer's Hackathon

Due to the pandemic, iVolunteer's Tara! Code Tayo! happened to be an online event. We've created a mobile app where volunteers can earn points base on quest or events they'll finish.

Award: Winner - Php 20,000


Nov 2019 HUAWEI Developer Day

We've won the 1st place in Huawei Developers Day where developers are challenged to integrate Huawei API in mobile apps.


Nov 2019Android Masters

We create a mobile game application that reflects to filipino food and its culture. As gameplay theres a farm that you need to harvest. After harvested, you can sell to market to earn coins or you can add to ingredients to produce a menu for your "Karinderya"

Award: Android Masters Champion - Php 50,000


Nov 2019Clash of Codes

I created event management system with smart assistance and image processing where the users can capture the tickets and gather the information. About the api, I used PGI payments.

Award: Clash of Codes - Php 30,000


October 2019 PNP ITMS-PCSO Hackathon


Aug 2019Macquarie Hackathon

We develop a mobile application voice recognition and ai experience with geotagging map platform

Award: Macquarie Hackathon Champion - Php 100,000


Aug 2019Break the Fake Hackathon

Break the Fake 3rd-Place Winners, Amah Buenaventura, Mik Galon, and Tom Oliver Chua (front center, from left to right) with the judges, event organizers and sponsors


July 2019TechXplore Hackathon

A hackathon event by Accenture that was held at Accenture Liquid Studio Manila, BGC. Fortunately, our team qualified, but unfortunately we lost. Anyways, I’m just here to share our hackathon presentation and experience of the said event. And yes, we used Alexa!


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